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BJCraft Anthem ARF

BJCraft T-Brake

Dualsky CRS3000 MKII

Dualsky Summit 100HV

Dualsky CRS Propeller Set



  • Wingspan: 1900mm
  • Length: 2000mm
  • Wing area:  65 dm2
  • Stabilizer area:  18.5 dm2
  • Spinner diameter:  82 mm
  • Available for single or contra drive systems
  • Manufactured by BJ CRAFT

Anthem COMBO 1

3.880,00 €Price
  • ____________

    The Anthem is the flagship monoplane from BJCraft. Engineered with a focus on mastering the latest maneuvers in F3A aerobatics, its sweep-back wings provide unparalleled stability, allowing pilots to execute precise and dynamic maneuvers with ease.

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