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BJCraft Epilogue ARF

BJCraft T-Brake

Dualsky XM6355DA-25

Dualsky SUMMIT 100HV

Falcon Propeller 22x11



  • Wingspan: 1880mm
  • Length: 2000mm
  • Wing area:  60 dm2
  • Stabilizer area:  16 dm2
  • Spinner diameter:  82 mm
  • Available for single or contra drive systems
  • Manufactured by BJ CRAFT

Epilogue COMBO 2

3.405,00 €Price
  • ____________

    The Epilogue is a masterpiece in F3A precision. Exceptional flight capabilities with great stability. Its ease of flight and setup make it accessible to pilots of all levels, while its responsiveness and authoritative rudder controll allow for flawless execution of the most challenging maneuvers in F3A. T

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