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  • Frame only
  • Material: EPO
  • Wingspan: 950 mm
  • Wing Area: 292 Square inches / 18.8 square decimeters
  • Flying Weight: 760g
  • Full length: 40.5 inches / 1030 mm
  • Recommended Battery: 4S 1000-1300 mAh
  • Manufactured by KOOTAI


SKU: A950K
150,00 €Price
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  • Information:

    SkyLark from KOOTAI, a perfect entry point into the world of precision aerobatics. With its compact 1m wingspan and surprisingly smooth flight characteristics, it's an ideal choice for newcomers to F3A. This aircraft boasts quick and easy assembly, requiring only a couple of hours to put together, and features a stunning design. Its ease of transport and flight make it a convenient option for pilots on the go. Equipped with a 4S setup, it's capable of performing almost all F3A maneuvers, making it the perfect starting point for your aerobatic journey.

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