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RombautRC Review


Innovative tool designed specifically for radio control aerobatics enthusiasts who want to improve their flying skills. With Flight Coach, you can take your aerobatic flying to the next level by practicing and refining your maneuvers with objective and quantitative feedback.


  • No need for complex configuration (pre-calibrated)

  • Light weight PLA removable cover box

  • SD Card included

  • Quality Futaba connection 

  • Power supply range:  2-4S (7,4 - 14,8V) 

  • Device dimensions and weight: 75 x 38 x 15mm - 28gr

  • Cover box color: Black   

"This is the flight logger I personally use to track my flights. It consists on a flight controller, a GPS module, and all powered by a small 2S battery. The whole setup is light and can be installed anywhere"


"With Flight Coach, I track my geometry, position, and overall speed of my F3A programs. It is insane how useful an objective overview of your flights can be, especially when we practice alone"


"The developers of Flight Coach did an amazing work and their website is easy to use and offers amazing tools to analyze your flights. I recently used it to compare the behaviour of the same model with different power units"

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