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Anthem ARF

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Summary of Equipment

Outrunner Single Drive


Contra Rotating System




Since 2010, we've flown with Dualsky and seen the evolution of their single-drive systems and ESCs for F3A. The DA4 and Summit ESC Series stand out as their top combo, offering impressive performance and a very competitive price. 

With its peak power of almost 3500W, this combination delivers great performance, smooth operation, efficiency, and reliability. This combo propelled Juan to compete in the F3A World Championship Finals in 2019, showcasing its capabilities on the global stage.

While the Contra Rotating Systems may have emerged, the XM6355DA-25 motor and Summit 100HV ESC combo continues to hold its ground as a reliable option for F3A enthusiasts. Its straightforward setup ensures ease of use and maintenance, making it an ideal choice for those prioritizing simplicity without sacrificing performance. With its proven track record and affordable price point, it remains a staple for pilots seeking dependable performance in the skies.


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Introducing the CRS3000 MKII – Dualsky's most advanced power unit designed specifically for F3A enthusiasts. Exceptional power, precise braking, smooth operation and sound, reliability, and outstanding build quality. The CRS3000 MKII has made it a top seller and an ideal pairing with the Anthem, offering unmatched responsiveness and top-tier performance for a very competitive price. 

During the last season, the CRS3000 proved its worth on the competitive circuit, showcasing its remarkable capabilities and contributing to the 12th Spanish Championship victory for Juan. It will continue to be the power unit equipped on his Anthems for the season 2024.

The synergy between the CRS3000 MKII and the Anthem is undeniable, as the performance of the Contra Rotating System perfectly complements the Anthem's aerodynamic design and precision control. Together, they form an exceptional combination, offering responsiveness combined with remarkable stability.




Falcon is one of the best manufacturers of propellers for RC-airplanes in the world and widely used in the F3A community. We have been using Falcon for more than 5 years now and we have tried practically all their catalogue of carbon propellers for electric models.
Choosing a propeller for your aircraft is something very personal and depends on where you are flying, your airplane and your flying style (slower, faster…). However, we think that for the Anthem ARF with Single Dive Systems, the 22x11 from Falcon is the most complete propeller. Powerful, silent, with great brake performance, and with a broad range of operational speeds. The model feels on rails in any condition and at different velocities, allowing you to fly slow in calm weather conditions and very fast in turbulent and bumpy wind conditions.


Dualsky is quickly establishing as top contender in the propeller industry, particularly with their recent propellers for Contra Rotating systems.  

Their set of 22x20s front & rear CRS propellers are meticulously engineered with carefully optimized blade profiles and pitch distributions, ensuring maximum thrust output while maintaining optimal efficiency throughout the flight envelope. The wide range of speeds and fast acceleration translates to precise control and maneuverability, essential for F3A. Their design and light weight construction minimizes propeller inertia, allowing for rapid deceleration and great braking performance, a critical aspect in F3A where precise speed control is paramount.

Starting from 2024, the 22x20s from Dualsky will be the first choice for Juan with Contra Rotating Systems. 


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