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Preliminary Schedule

p25 vect black.png

1- Triangle from Top with two quarter rolls, roll, two quarter rolls
2- Half Square Loop with roll
3- Square Loop on corner with half rolls
4- Figure Nine with half roll
5- Roll Combination with three quarter rolls in opposite direction
6- Stall Turn with half roll
7- Double Immelman with roll, quarter roll, quarter roll, half roll

8- Humpty Bump with two half rolls in opposite direction, half roll
9- Loop with two half rolls integrated
10- Half Square Loop on Corner with half roll, half roll
11- Half loverleaf with half rolls
12- Reverse Figure ET with half roll, two quarter rolls
13- Inverted Spin two turns, half roll
14- Top hat with two quarter rolls
15- Figure Z with snap roll
16- Comet with two quarters rolls, roll
17- Figure S with quarter rolls

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